Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr. Magnet's Electro Madness

Last weekend I took part in the 72hr Game Development Competition. Teams of up to 3 join up and create, from complete scratch, a workable game based on a theme that gets voted upon. Granted, I didn't get into a team until the middle of the competition so I had my work cut out for me. This time around the theme was magnets. 25 games were submitted for the event and there are some excellent games to be played, particularly the Team Calypson game. Amazing art! Download our game (under Wizzard Creations) at the 72hrGDC download page

Check out my version of our game in this neat little mockup:

I'm also still finalizing all the music for Ivan Dixon's game, Sydney Finds Employment (SFD), an old school adventure platform game about a homeless guy on his quest to put an end to the "final solution" and find his place in the world. Part comedy and partially a message to the public about the problems on the streets, SFD is a highly entertaining and visually appealing adventure... not to mention the awesome music (wink).
Here's a screenshot of the music... just for silliness' sake:

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