Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sydney 2 in production

"Sydney, a bum turned star, finds his new career in the media has hit a hiccup when his television show doesn’t receive the ratings it expected. Keith Corps (head of Business Corps) warns Syd that if he can’t even compete with the fashion channel he’ll be forced to axe the show and throw the lovable tramp back on to the streets. After stumbling onto a string of suspicious accidents within the fashion industry Sydney and his friends uncover a mystery that could cost them their lives or worse- their limbs!"

Sydney Treads the Catwalk, the sequel to the AGS game Sydney Finds Employment, should be the best adventure game of 2007! With Ivan Dixon on the pixels and myself with the tunes, it'll be good times had by all. Read the production thread at the Adventure Game Studio forum as well as Ivan's own blog

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